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MAC High Adventure Contingents
The Mid-America Council is dedicated to providing our youth with unparalleled experiences, especially in the outdoors. The BSA operates four premiere high adventure bases: Philmont Scout Ranch, Florida Sea Base, Northern Tier, and the Summit Bechtel Reserve. Throughout the four bases, there is a program opportunity available for every youth!

The Mid-America Council is dedicated to ensuring that every youth has an opportunity to attend a BSA High Adventure Base. Some are provided through a “contingent” experience, which means that the trip is organized through a committee of volunteers in the Mid-America Council and may contain Scouts and adults from all over the council.

The Mid-America Council High Adventure Committee has released the planned high adventure contingents for 2016-2018!  For additional information of any upcoming adventures, contact the High Adventure Chairman Hunter Horste at hmhorste@gmail.com or 317-626-1994 or Scouter Services at 402-431-9272.  Visit the MAC High Adventure Facebook page for continuous updates!

Scout Ranch
Sea Base
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Philmont Training Center
The Mid-America Council encourages adult leaders to expand their horizons in Scouting and consider a training experience at the Philmont Training Center (PTC). In addition to the training course itself, participants will also have the opportunity to explore a bit of what Philmont Scout Ranch has to offer. The PTC also offers programs for spouses and children during your stay, so it can make a fantastic family vacation! Details about upcoming courses and how to register can be found by clicking here.

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