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Wait...Camp Cards Aren't Done Yet!

Camp Cards are due soon!

All camp cards are to be turned in at your May roundtable or you can call the Mid-America Council and set up an appointment to turn in your cards to Scouter Services no later than Friday, May 9. We will need one check from each unit to pay for the cards that have been sold.

# of cards sold x $2.50 = amount of the unit check

All camp card sales for residential camp, day camp and summer camp will be done. Be sure to fill out the back of your receipt for camps so all your Scouts get credit for their sales and free camps.


Camp Card sales for Jubilee will continue until July 31,2014. You can check these cards out at your May roundtable after all of the original sale cards have been counted and paid for. This will benefit any Scout that is planning on attending Jubilee in October or if they need to earn extra funds for high adventure or activities. Jubilee sales can be combined with the original sale. For example, if your Scout sold 10 cards in the original sale and he sold another 30 cards during the Jubilee sale he will be eligible for Jubilee for free. Jubilee card turn-in will be at your August round table.

Scouts can again earn 50% commission on any card they sell. And if they sell 40 they will be able to go to Jubilee for FREE!! That means if they sell 40 cards they receive free Jubilee plus $100 for your Scout account with your Pack or Troop!!

If you're interested in taking part in the Jubilee sale, please contact Clint Siskow at 402-431-9272. We can have the receipts and cards ready for you before roundtable is over or ready to be picked up from the Durham Scout Center (12401 West Maple Road, Omaha, NE 68164) after May 9, 2014.

What Are Camp Cards?

Camp cards is a program meant to help get more kids to go to camp – for FREE! The purpose is to alleviate financial stress from families and units so that more kids can go to camp and receive the unparalleled experiences that Scout camp is known for. Revenue from the camp card sales is directed back into the Mid-America Council camping programs.

The camp card offers are tailored to one of four regions: SW Iowa, NW Iowa, Nebraska, and Omaha-metro.

You asked for it and we're giving it to you. You want the camp card to have value, and we have brought in top notch vendors this year. View a complete list of vendors below.

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