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Day Camps

Cub Scout day camps are organized by the Mid-America Council, Boy Scouts of America and conducted by volunteers from the local area. Day camps are for registered Cub Scouts entering the 1st-5th grades the following school year. Those entering the 1st grade must be accompanied by an 'adult partner' during their participation. Although individual Cub Scouts are able to participate in any day camp, it is strongly encouraged for Cub Scouts to attend with their friends and adults from the same den or pack; and for the pack's camping coordinator to submit a single registration for all those attending.

Day camps are conducted by adult volunteer leadership who were trained and certified at one of the Boy Scouts of America's National Camping Schools. Day camps are also supported by a number of adult and youth staff members. Boy Scout Den Chiefs may also support the day camp program by assisting the Cub Scouts throughout the camp.

A variety of different activities are offered to allow participants to experience outdoor programs for Cub Scouts; many of which are designed to implement the 2019 Cub Scout program theme. Most camps include activities based on STEM, nature, shooting sports, games, and possibly aquatics. Adult volunteers make up the nucleus of the day camp staff by volunteering in positions to lead specific programs, support the general operation, or by managing a den of Cub Scouts throughout their time at camp.

NOTE:  Campership applications are due April 6, 2019.


2019 District Day Camp Schedule:


Date(s)                                             Location                            Host District

June 3 - 7                       Common Ground Community          Iron Horse

                                         Omaha, NE

June 8                            Bressler Park, Wayne, NE              Diamond Dick                               

June 10 - 15                  Hillview Recreation Area                 War Eagle                                                Hinton, IA

June 13 - 15                  Montclair Community Center           Iron Horse                                          Omaha, NE

June 15                          Lake Wanahoo, Wahoo, NE               Goldenrod

June 29                          Penn Lake, Neligh, NE                      Diamond Dick

July 10 - 12                    Camp Wa-Kon-Da Omaha, NE         Scoutreach

July 11 - 13                    Big Lake, Council Bluffs, IA              Trailblazer

July 13                            Big Lake, Council Bluffs, IA              Trailblazer

July 13                           West Point Sportsman Club               Goldenrod                                             West Point, NE

July 15 - 19                    Pipal Park, Omaha, NE                      Black Hawk

July 15 - 19                    Oneota Park, Spencer, IA              Thundercloud

July 19                            Swan Lake, Carroll, IA                      Ohwahnasee

July 20                            Lake Babcock, Columbus, NE                  PLS

July 20                            Shelby County Park                          Ohwahnasee

                                         Nishna Bend, IA                                          

July 20                            Ponca Tribe, Norfolk, NE                Diamond Dick

July 27                            Benson Park, Omaha, NE                 Iron Horse

August 3                         Ft. Atkinson, Ft. Calhoun, NE          Goldenrod

August 3                        Green Valley State Park                    Trailblazer                                          Creston, IA


Note:  All registered Cub Scouts can attend any of the above camps, regardless of which district they may live in.

Questions: Call Scouter Services at 402.431.9BSA (402.431.9272) or send an email.

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