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Lodge Chief's Letter to Ordeal Candidates


I am here to welcome you into the Order of the Arrow, Scouting's national honor society, we are glad to have you as new members of our lodge. However it doesn't end here your Ordeal is only the beginning, there is so much you can do to help our Lodge and our Council grow. We can use your help, your ideas and your passion for scouting. You were elected by your peers because they feel you best exemplified the ideals of scouting. Please get into contact with your chapters and get involved, because not only do we serve others through service projects, but we come together for fellowship. So I challenge you to put forth an effort to be a part of a ceremony team, or a committee and I promise you will find a good time as well as few more friends.

The order of the Arrow is in no way meant to take the place of your responsibilities in your home troop, but rather provide you with another outlet for your passion for scouting, the experiences in the Order of the Arrow can be used to help your troop. The Order of the Arrow can provide you with once in a life time experiences, National Order of the Arrow Conference is held every four years you will get a chance to learn and have fun with other members from lodges across the country. The Order of the Arrow can provide you with high adventure experiences and all the Boy Scout high adventure bases for a fraction of the cost! Give us a try and I hope you will find as much adventure and friendship as I have in my years in the Order.

As you prepare for your upcoming induction, you should bring the following with you: a ground cloth, a poncho, a sleeping bag, a water bottle, work gloves, work clothes and your scout uniform. You will want a tent and other camping gear for Saturday evening of the induction weekend. You should plan to arrive at camp (either Camp Cedars on May 3 or Little Sioux on August 9) after 6 pm and before 9 pm. Please eat before arriving at camp.

I want you guys to have a great experience through service and other activities throughout the lodge and we would love your input, we have committees that need filling, we need you help make the decisions and we can all work together to make our lodge a better place for all of us. We can make our time in the lodge a fulfilling experience, not only for us but for the people we serve.

Yours in Scouting,

Matthew Summers
Matthew Summers, Kit-Ke-Hak-O-Kut Lodge Chief

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