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Lodge Chiefs & Advisors

Kit-Ke-Hak-O-Kut Lodge #97 was formed in 1965 with the merger of Covered Wagon and Southwest Iowa Councils. The Order of the Arrow Lodges of Southwest Iowa Council and Covered Wagon Council were Cha-Pa (#97) and Pohawk (#445). The members of those lodges became the charter members of Kit-Ke-Hak-O-Kut (#97).

Lodge Chiefs and Advisors of Kit-Ke-Hak-O-Kut Lodge #97

Kit-Ke-Hak-O-Kut #97
Year Lodge Chief Lodge Advisor
1966 John S. McCollister Willis Abels
1967 Tony Sawtell Willis Abels
1968 LeRoy Sievers Dan Wiedemeier
1969 Loyd Neve William H. Martin
1970 Dennis J. Wilson William H. Martin
1971 Randy Johnson
Andy Gentle
Benjamin M. Wall
1972 David Winchell Benjamin M. Wall
1973 Steve Bernier
Steve Garrett
Benjamin M. Wall
1974 Jack Liike Harry L. Yolander
1975 David A. Markley Harry L. Yolander
1976 John Bredemeyer Harry L. Yolander
1977 Lawrence F. Chandler, Jr. Sterling R. Franck
1978 Samuel T. Spicka Sterling R. Franck
1979 David L. Hunt Sterling R. Franck
1980 Jeryl L. Nelson Sterling R. Franck
1981 Daniel E. Hunt Robert G. Moriarty
1982 Douglas N. Heller Robert G. Moriarty
1983 Douglas N. Heller Robert G. Moriarty
1984 Douglas R. Aupperle Robert G. Moriarty
1985 William D. Murphy Ray P. Conley
1986 William D. Murphy Ray P. Conley
1987 Brian Grantham Donald L. Nagel
1988 Brian Grantham Donald L. Nagel
1989 Bruce Hietbrink Donald L. Nagel
1990 David W. Varney Donald L. Nagel
1991 Scott Fryant James A. Singer
1992 Richard L. Reeve James A. Singer
1993 Corey Campbell Lawrence F. Chandler, Jr.
1994 Henry RahIfs, Jr. Lawrence F. Chandler, Jr.
1995 Jonathan Fast Lawrence F. Chandler, Jr.
1996 Mark E. Dreiling jr Lawrence F. Chandler, Jr.
1997 Aaron W. Kreager Thomas J. Lima
1998 Craig Gochenour Thomas J. Lima
1999 Geoffrey Kline Michael D. Mann
2000 Geoffrey Kline Michael D. Mann
2001 Andrew Finch Jim Kirby
2002 James Wingert Jim Kirby
2003 James Wingert Rick Niedergeses
2004 Drew Dougherty
Eric Svingen
Rick Niedergeses
2005 Eric Svingen Rick Niedergeses
2006 Stephen Wilke Wesley G. Kreun
2007 Ben Nachman
Chris Huston
Wesley G. Kreun
2008 Justin Williams Wesley G. Kreun
Chad King
2009 Justin Williams Chad King
Vince Cummings Jr.
2010 Jake Dagel Chad King
Vince Cummigns Jr.
2011 Jake Dagel
Michael Katalenich
Vince Cummings Jr.
Rod Van Horn
2012 Michael Katalenich Vince Cummings Jr.
Rod Van Horn

Lodge Chiefs of Cha-Pa Lodge #97
Chartered August 31, 1936 in Southwest Iowa Council #175

Chapa Lodge #97
Year Lodge Chief
1937 George Mace, jr
1938 – 50 Unknown
1951 Richard Mitchell
1952 Richard Mitchell
1953 Richard Mitchell
1954 Reynold Larson
1955 Duffy Swain
1956 Duffy Swain
1957 Steven Riepe
1958 John Pierce
1959 John Pierce
1960 Wray Britton
1961 Charles Clapp
1962 Bruce Eilers
1963 Richard Morris
1964 Kenneth Karr
1965 Ron Gilmore

Chiefs of Pohawk Lodge #445
Chartered December 1, 1950 in Covered Wagon Council #326

Pohawk Lodge #445
Year Lodge Chief
1951 John Rinde
1952 Marvin Kirchner
1953 Alfred Curtis
1954 Richard Smith
1955 Richard Martin
1956 Lyman Heine
1957 Unknown
1958 Larry Larson
1959 Wayne Gash
1960 William H Martin
1961 Bill Brown
1962 Larry Fiehn
1963 David Williams
1964 Unknown
1965 John S. McCollister

Chiefs of Miniconjou Lodge #438
Chartered January 1, 1972 in Prairie Gold Council

Miniconjou Lodge #438
Year Lodge Chief Lodge Advisor
1972 Brian Beacom Jerry Stroup
1973 Jerry Smith Jerry Stroup
1974 Rick Rodgers Jerry Stroup
1975 Rich Hearne Jerry Stroup
1976 Bruce Oertel Richard Schanzenbaker
1977 Warren Gemberting Richard Schanzenbaker
1978 Warren Gemberting Richard Schanzenbaker
1979 John Mohan Tom Corrigan
1980 Phil Ramzey Tom Corrigan
1981 Craig Luze Tom Corrigan
1982 Mike Luze Tom Corrigan
1983 Mike Thompson Tom Corrigan
1984 Rich Luze Tom Corrigan
1985 Mike Moats Tom Corrigan
1986 Mike Moats Tom Corrigan
1987 Jerry Mugonery Dennis Robinson
1988 Derek BuBay
Ryan Robinson
Dennis Robinson
1989 Ryan Robinson Dennis Robinson
1990 Ryan Robinson Dennis Robinson
1991 Ryan Robinson Randy Burnight
1992 Josh Mead Randy Burnight
1993 Travis Brown Dale Smith
1994 Travis Brown Dale Smith
1995 Jeremy Robinson Jack Hendricks
1996 Jeremy Robinson Jack Hendricks
1997 C.J. Lane Jack Hendricks
1998 C.J. Lane Jack Hendricks
1999 Matt Pottorff Jack Hendricks
2000 Matt Pottorff Jack Hendricks


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