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Lodge Chief's Letter to the Brotherhood

Dear Brotherhood Member,

Ikíciyuškiη-wichóiye níwecaga iyówiηmakhiye yé yeló! In the words of our Omaha brothers, "Allow me to make for you words of congratulation!" The circle has indeed widened to receive you, and we are all waiting with baited breath to see what you do with your new found rights and privileges. Yes, the Brotherhood is alive with new experiences which await you; new opportunities which arise with each step you take.

There come with privileges, however, obligations. You are now a leader among leaders. When you first donned you Ordeal sash, you became a marked man. You were recognized as a leader among those in your troop. When you then donned your Brotherhood sash, you became a twice-marked man, a leader among those also marked for leadership, a grave responsibility.

When you first entered our circle, Nutiket demanded your service record, that which you had done in the past. Traveling once about our circle, Meteu demanded our hailing sign, a formal recognition of your membership in the Brotherhood at this time. As you passed around our circle twice, Alowat Sakima asked if you had seen the arrow, answered by your guide, Kitchkinet, you were allowed to pass into the future. Blood was drawn and your life was mingled with that of those around you and Alowat Sakima. Fire burned your hand as you strived to increase the cheer of those around you. The burden you took upon your shoulder so that you might give of yourself for others was weighty. Finally, you took a solemn obligation, pledging yourself to, among other things, these solemn promises:

to faithfully observe, unbroken, the customs and traditions of the Order of the Arrow
to be faithful in attendance upon sessions of the Lodge, so far as able
to point out to others a way of real happiness and success in life
To these things did you pledge your honor.

Do not feel discouraged. It is true that becoming a member of the Brotherhood can be demanding at times, but I am confident that you have within you the strength required to be, so far as you are able, unselfish in service and devotion to the welfare of others.

I personally invite you to become even more active in your Chapter and your Lodge, and I hope to see you at many conclaves and other Lodge events. Your brothers need you now, as much for your physical help as to serve as a role model of which all can be proud. There are many ways to do this. The first would be to contact your Chapter Chief; there are many positions within each Chapter which need to be filled. Next, contact your Lodge; there are also many positions there which require filling. Many moons ago, your peers selected you from among them to withstand the trials of the Ordeal, which you passed without flinching. Now, you have taken the initiative to seal your membership in this great and honored Order. To you, we give our congratulations and any assistance which you may need. Find yourself unhindered in your quest for the true meaning of the Arrow. Congratulations my friend! May you be firm in the Brotherhood! God Bless!

Yours in Service,

Michael Katalenich
Michael Katalenich, Kit-Ke-Hak-O-Kut Lodge Chief

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