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Lodge Chief's Letter to Vigil

Dear Vigil Member,

Ókpaza kiη etáη wakúηza k'uη thanagí miyé hiyúmayakhiye, thaηhá ηšila. Nitháwa kiη wóakhípha waηz uη, tóhaηni tukté ayúnaštaη šni kte. Thuηkášila iyéciηka thawak'ú kiη wichánakic'u. Thawówašte tháηka kiη, iyé na oyáte kiη ób wÓakhipha nitháwa kiη kága, úη wo. Aháηkiktapi chatkú kiη woyáhomni waηyuhá máni, tukté waηná iwášteic'iya iwánaktapi. Toná wówahokuηkhiye icákizapi tuηwéya waη úηkhiya yo. Toná wóiyaksape icákizapi waúηspewichakhiye úηkhiya yo. Toná wóchekiye icákižapi wachékicichiya yo. Lé kiη wakúηza nitháwa kiη úη.

In the words of our Omaha brothers, "The spirit of the Order sends me through the darkness to you, my brother. Yours is an experience which will never leave you. God has given to you the gift of solitude. Use its grace to build up your relationship with Him and others. The Vigil Honor carries with it a great weight, which you are now expected to use to its full. Guide those who are in need of guidance. Instruct those who are in need of instruction. Pray for those who are in need of prayer. This is your charge."

I send you this letter not for my good, nor for your good. I send this to you for the good of your family, your friends, your country, and your God. Now that you have kept the Vigil, you are entitled to the deepest secrets and responsibilities of the Order. Nothing higher can be attained by you nor by anyone else beyond the Vigil. It is as much a position of honor as a position of duty. For it is now upon you to oversee the formation of many fine young men and women. It is up to you to make sure that they become the best that they can be.

This is a difficult task, but not one which you cannot perform. You have been selected because you are the best Arrowman in the entire Lodge. There is no disputing this fact. For it is just that: a fact, a fact which has been known for quite some time, but has only just now been realized in a tangible way. You have been performing as a member of this honor for longer than you realize. For only those who truly are Vigils can be selected to keep the Vigil.

I hope that it is not long after you read this that we come face-to-face, and I can see what a fine Arrowman you really are. My only wish is that I am ready for that which you offer to me in the way of guidance, instruction, and prayer.

Those who have kept the Vigil know that one cannot simply lead. One must lead through not leading. These are the watchwords: Leadership in Service. One can only truly lead if one is able to put aside their titles, put aside their dignity, put aside their self-image and work for the betterment of those around them. For said he, who serves his fellows is of all his fellows greatest. It is this single sentence which is the foundation of our entire order, this sentence which lays down the very fabric of our purpose as Arrowmen. You already know this well, E. Urner Goodman knew this well, and I know this well. For I too have kept the Vigil.

Yours in Service,

Michael Katalenich
Michael Katalenich, Kit-Ke-Hak-O-Kut Lodge Chief

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