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2013 Summer Camp Updates

The 2013 rate for Boy Scout summer camp will be $240 per Scout. The first two leaders attending with a troop of five Scouts are FREE. Three leaders attend FREE with 15 Scouts. Additional leaders may attend FREE for every 10 additional Scouts (25 Scouts = 4 leaders FREE; 35 Scouts = 5 leaders FREE, etc.) Otherwise, more leaders than allocated for may attend for $80 per leader.

The 2013 rate for regular Cub Scout day camp will be $100 per Cub Scout. Cub Scout resident camp will be $110 per Cub Scout and $75 per adult. Cub Resident camp will include Wolves and Bears as well as Webelos!

Why are the fees increasing?

The least expensive camp does not equate the best experience at camp. It's the vision of the Mid-America Council to provide unparalleled experiences to more youth. Having better camps will cost more, but will add value to campers as well as attract new youth to our program.

Increased fees will help:

  • Attract and maintain quality camp staff by providing a competitive wage. Currently, camp staff wages do not compete with other summer jobs. Higher wages will help recruit and retain high performing staff. We'll also be recruiting the best of the best candidates from our troops with recommendation from troop leaders.
  • Improve the quality of food at camp. Part of the Scout Oath states the Scout will keep himself physically fit. We will invest in healthy and quality food to offer our Scouts at camp.
  • Budget and plan for camp maintenance. Currently, we have had no budget to make regular and expected updates at camp. We cannot rely on asking for favors on an as-needed basis to keep our camps in usable condition. We must plan for regular maintenance and updates to keep camps relevant, usable and enjoyable.
  • Pay for the cost of running the camp. Camp has been losing money for years. 2011 = $341,957 lost. 2010 = $226,461 lost. These are direct costs and do not include indirect costs like the website, processing fees for payments, Scouter Services support, technology support and more. Other programs have had to subsidize the cost of running camp. For example, Cub Scout popcorn sales help pay to run Boy Scout summer camp. This isn't fair; the dollars they raise should go back into Cub Scout programming.

How can we offset the costs?

  • Camp card and popcorn sales are easy ways to cover the total cost of camping, other Scout programming and resources with little to no money out of pocket. Motivated Scouts can cover the cost of camp with Camp card sales. Units can earn commission on yearly popcorn sales to cover camp costs.
  • The campership program will be available for families who can't afford to send youth to camp. Families will be able to apply and receive discounted/free camp experiences. Families with multiple youth going to camp may also apply.
  • The Mid-America Council is now following the national standard for Journey to Excellence. The Platinum level is no longer offered because it didn't work. It took focus away from unit budgeting and did not motivate Scouts to go to camp. It cost the council more than $50,000 each year and did not increase camp attendance. The national Journey to Excellence was created upon proven methods for providing boys with unparalleled experiences.

We look forward to providing your Scouts with an unparalleled experience at camp this summer! Better food. Better staff. Better program. See you at camp!

For questions, please contact Scouters Services at 326Mac.ScouterServices@scouting.org.

Register online now for your choice of week and campsite for Boy Scout summer camp 2013.

Visit Cub Scout Camping for dates, locations and details of 2013 Cub Scout camps.

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