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Why Do Wood Badge?

Thank you for volunteering your time to support the Scouting movement. It is greatly appreciated! As a District Commissioner, I am continually impressed by the enthusiasm with which MAC Scouters work to deliver the Scouting program. But, sometimes in the hustle and bustle of our daily Scouting lives, we forget our most important volunteers: the youth we serve!

As Scouters and parents, we all agree that we want to provide our sons and daughters the best Scouting program possible. That is the reason we pursue training for our various Scouting positions and continuously strive to improve ourselves. We want to understand how the program works and how to best deliver it to our youth.

Council and district training teams go to great lengths to provide regular training opportunities. Many "go the extra mile" and deliver training directly to units who seek that support. Through Roundtables and events like the University of Scouting, we work together to improve ourselves and each other so that we deliver an improved Scouting experience to our youth.

The ultimate training experience for Scouters in every segment of the program, from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts to Venturers and Varsity, is Wood Badge. So the question becomes, how many Wood Badge trained leaders are there in YOUR unit? If the answer isn't, "They all are!", then I offer a simple challenge: who from your unit is attending the next Wood Badge course?

Imagine the power of adding another Wood Badge trained leader to your unit every year! Cub Packs, Scout Troops, Venture Crews and Varsity Teams would be stronger and better understand the role they play in the Scouting movement. The entire Council, YOUR District and YOUR unit, would deliver an improved experience to YOUR child.

So your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to send someone from your unit to the next Wood Badge course. Mid-America Council is blessed to have a strong Wood Badge tradition and we invite you to join in the fun! Check out the Wood Badge page on the MAC website www.mac-bsa.org/woodbadge for details on how you can sign up for the next course and better support our most important volunteers, our youth!

George "Fritz" McMullin

Wagon Wheel District Commissioner and the Senior Patrol Leader for Wood Badge Course C5-326-14-1 taking place this August/September at Camp Cedars.

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