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The GameTruck of Omaha is coming to Jubilee! Enjoy an exciting party in comfort and style. With their state-of-the-art Mobile Game Theater featuring four flat screen TVs, dozens of video games, the latest consoles, climate control, and staffed by experienced GameCoaches, GameTruck brings you the ultimate gaming experience.


Use Camp Cards to Pay for Jubilee

Jubilee is an amazing event for the whole family! There are endless activities and fun things to do for every age group - boys, girls, moms, and dads! If you haven't been to a Jubilee, click here to watch a re-cap from the last one we held.

Jubilee is created to be an affordable way for the whole family to have fun while participating in Scouting. Registration costs $30 per person and includes a whole weekend of fun, concerts, and an awesome fireworks display.

Here's the breakdown:
Sell 40 camp cards at $5.00 each* and your unit will get $100 in commission. This is enough for your unit to send three people to Jubilee. Additionally, the Scout who sold 40 cards will receive FREE admission to Jubilee! It's win-win! A family of four can attend Jubilee for just 40 camp cards sold!

Help send your families to Jubilee by selling camp cards. Click here for details on the camp card program.

*Not cumulative for free camps. If your Scout is selling camp cards to attend Boy Scout Summer Camp, Cub Scout Day Camp, or Cub Scout Resident Camp, the 40 camp cards sold is in addition to the camp cards sold to attend free camp.

Jubilee Campmasters

Jubilee Campmasters are responsible for assigning the camping areas on Jubilee Hill for all units. Some districts have chosen to camp 'by district' on Jubilee Hill; their campmaster is listed below with contact information if there are any questions or concerns. The remaining districts will camp "National Jamboree-style" on Jubilee Hill, so your neighboring unit may be from the other side of the council's territory! All Jubilee Hill campers from the same unit will be kept together.

General Campmasters   Mike Mayne
  Rob Barrett
Lewis & Clark   Kent Dawson
Soaring Eagle   Jon Hage
  Paul Keatts
Thundercloud   Mark Poyzer
Trailblazer   Ray Cooper
  Dennis Meston
Twin Lakes   David London

The following districts are currently in the General Camp Area:

Diamond Dick
Petah La Shauro
Wagon Wheel
War Eagle

Jubilee sponsored in part by:
Saturday Spectacular Fireworks sponsored by:

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