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The purpose of the council campership program is to make summer camp available to deserving Scouts who could not otherwise afford the attendance fees. This program is not intended to provide all of the camp fees. Paying a boy’s way to camp is a joint effort of the Unit (ie Pack, Troop), the Unit's chartering organization, the Scout and his family, and the campership program. Details of the application are confidential. This application MUST be signed by the parent(s) and unit leader (ie Cubmaster, Scoutmaster) of the Scout requesting the campership. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

General Information :: Please read carefully
  1. All Campership applications must be submitted by April 1, 2014.
  2. All Campership applications must be filled out COMPLETELY and ACCURATELY or they will be returned.
  3. Any application received without a brief explanation of why it is being requested will be returned so they can be completed; if they are received a second time without an explanation the Campership will be denied.
  4. Letters will be sent to the Unit leaders notifying them if a campership was granted and in what amount.
  5. All youth using council facilities whether for short-term overnight or long-term summer camp periods are already subsidized, in part, by the council's yearly operating budget which pays for taxes, year-round camp rangers, maintenance, liability insurance, heat, light, etc. The community through United Way allocations, Friends of Scouting, popcorn sales, trust fund income and Campership donations pays this cost.
  6. No more than 1/2 of the total attendance fee will be granted. Special hardship requests require discussion with the Campership Committee and the Council Camping Director.
  7. All applications are reviewed and approved or disapproved by the Council Campership Committee. This committee is made up of volunteers from throughout the Mid-America Council.
  8. Applications are accepted on an annual request only. A campership cannot be transferred to another camping season or to another registered Scout.
  9. A Scout, who is awarded a campership, but does not attend summer camp, forfeits the campership.
  10. Camperships are not granted to adults.
  11. The remainder of the camp fee must be paid prior to attending Camp.
  12. Camperships are issued only for Mid-America Council camps to Scouts registered in the Mid-America Council.
  13. Scouts from units that conduct a ICC (formerly FOS) campaign and participate in popcorn sales will receive first preference.

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