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2019 Key Dates:
2/2: Chieftain Meeting
2/2: Tribal Council Meeting
3/23: Spring Regalia Build
5/4: Camp Cedars Work Day
5/18: Camp Cedars Work Day
6/1: Camp Cedars Work Day
June/July: Summer Camp!
    (summer schedule)
8/16-17: Fall Festival
Regalia Requirements
Advancement Requirements

From 1919 to 1939 an important tradition had existed at Camp Gifford (the council camp prior to Camp Cedars), called the Tribe of Nani-Ba-Zhu. This tradition has been renewed at Camp Cedars. Membership can be conferred on older Scouts (3rd year campers) and leaders who participate in long term camping at Camp Cedars. The purpose of Nani-Ba-Zhu is to reinforce the principles of the Scout Oath and Law and encourage participation in Scouting and long-term camping at Camp Cedars.

The use of Indian lore is part of the mystery and appeal of Nani-Ba-Zhu. Throughout the testing of candidates, and in all subsequent ceremonies, the character building aspects of Scouting are restated and renewed in a new and dramatic way. The very heart of the NBZ experience is to afford each member an opportunity for introspection as well as application of the Scouting ideals.

Directing Medicine Man:  Phil Rossbach (Bridge Builder)
Proven True Committee Chair:  Don Nagel (Thoughtful Teacher)
Presiding Chieftain:  Charlie Adams (Bird Searcher)
Staff Advisor:  Christine Sammons (Aspen Climbing Bear)

2019 Dues Payments (adult members)

Nomination Forms (youth)

NEW  A downloadable spreadsheet has been created to assist leaders in preparing youth advancement nominations.  The file is created in MS Excel and contains macros (so you will need to have them enabled to work correctly).  The new form will allow a leader to keep an electronic file for each Scout that can be updated easily for future nominations.

Updated .pdf nomination forms are also available below for those who would rather continue to utilize the hard copy nomination forms.

NEW Youth Advancement Nomination Form (.xlsm)

Black Diamond  | Brave  | Warrior  | Firebuilder  |
Tom Tom Beater  | Runner  | Keeper of the Sacred Bundle  | Shaman 

Nomination Forms (adult)

Honored Warrior  | Tribal Council Nomination Form 

NBZ Silver Fox Wall of Honor

Adams, Charles                     Adams, Denise
Bailey, Ron                            Bailey, Sue

Borytsky, Audrey                  Borytsky, Mark
Buboltz, Ron                         Carlson, Douglas
Clark, Jim                              Cogdill, Joyce
Cone, Cindy                          Crabb, Dennis, M.D.
Davis, Dave                           Ellster, George
Erb, Dennis                            Erb, Jamie
Erb, Jason                              Erb, Judy

Erickson, Scott                      Fowler, Dan

Gerbeling, Rick                     Graves, J.C.

Hamilton, Gale                      Hamilton, Loretta
James, Joe                             Janousek, Larry
Jepsen, Bob                           Kearney, Jim
Kirchmeier, Marty                Koenig, Larry
Knights, David                      Kronick, Rose
Lampe, Mark                        Mahoney, Mike
Marx, Harvey                       Mayfield, Donna
McAllister, Chuck                McDonald, Jim Jr.
McDonald, Jim Jr.(2)
           Morocco, Ralph

Noah, Craig                          Noah, Debbie
Norenberg, Gary
                   Ross, David

Ross, Nicholas                      Rossbach, Phil

Roth, Sandra                         Scheer, Rick
Schlotfeld, Jim                      Schneider, Norm, M.D.
Sinsheimer, Zack                  Sutherland, Stu
Sweeney, David                    Sykora, Craig
Tillotson, Greg                     Van Horn, Rod
Vukov, Joseph                      Ward, Ron Sr.
Ward, Ron Jr.                       Wheeler, Buzz
White, Curt                          Williamson, Don
Wilson, Andy                      Wyatt, Nancy Rusk

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