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Cub Scouts Cub Scouts have the opportunity to see things and go places they could never imagine. They go on field trips and go camping. Want to go on a campout? Want to learn a secret code? If you're a boy in the first through fifth grades, (ages 7-10), then Cub Scouts might be for you.


Ding, dong – Cub Scouts calling!

It isn't Avon calling and it isn't rocket science. It's Cub Scouts and leaders visiting homes of Kindergartners to invite them and their parents to attend a Cub Scout recruiting event. For years, Cubmaster Brian Havens and Cub Scout Pack 229 in Soaring Eagle followed traditional recruitment methods of calling families to invite them to attend the pack recruitment/sign up event without much success.

"Last year no one came – year before we had one come – even though we called to invite them to our spring events," said Havens. "This year at recruitment training, Daryl [Soaring Eagle District Executive Daryl Milius] suggested we visit people at home as part of our recruitment plan." Havens and pack leaders printed Google Earth maps of the neighborhood of Kindergartner families to visit and a flier inviting the boys and families to the pack recruitment event.

"Three adult leaders took their sons and went to visit 12 Kindergartners who would be Tigers next fall," continued Havens. "It makes all the difference in the world to show up at their homes with a Webelos Scout in uniform with a Scout leader."

"It was a nice night out and a lot of families, especially boys were outside. We were received very positively by boys and parents, and invited in to their homes. The power of a Scout in uniform in a Kindergartner's house is incredible!" said Havens. "The Kindergartners beamed with excitement as our sons talked about the great opportunities and adventures in Cub Scouting."

"Most parents indicated that they and their son would attend the recruiting event, and in two cases there was an older sibling or cousin present who said he would like to join Scouts, too. We did it in an hour and half," reported Havens.

"The end result was that we had seven new Scouts and one new Tiger Den Leader sign up! Some of the new recruits stayed after the recruiting event for our pack meeting and Tiger Cub Graduation, and experienced the excitement of the whole pack in uniform and Tigers graduating to Wolves," he shared.

"There is a minimal outlay of time for us to do this when adult leaders share the work, and our sons loved to do it! This is how we will recruit in the future," concluded Havens. "It's not rocket science, but sometimes we overlook the simple things. All we need to do is ask!"

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