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What is the Ideal Year of Scouting?

  • Providing a year round quality Scouting Program by following the following the steps in the Ideal Year of Scouting worksheet
  • Successfully provided a program "FREE OF CHARGE" to all family's
  • Provide the "Experience of A Lifetime" for your Scouts!

What are the components of the Ideal Year of Scouting Process?

  • Planning an entire year-2018 IYOS Guide now available
  • Budgeting to fund the program
  • Goal setting for each Scout
  • Communication of the plan and budget
  • Raising the money to fund the budget
  • Executing the Plan…Getting everyone EXCITED about the program
  • Scout accounts

What's in it for your Unit?

  • A stronger program for the Scouts
  • More parental involvement
  • More Scouts going to camp!
  • More funding with less time spent fundraising
  • Eliminate out-of-pocket expense for parents

4 Easy Steps to the Ideal Year of Scouting!

  1. Brainstorm: What do the boys want to do?
  2. Activity Calendar: Use the calendar in the IYOS Guide and online to find information about district and council events!
  3. Budget Planner: How much will it cost for each member to participate in each of the fun activities?
  4. Income Planner: Determine individual and youth popcorn sales goals to cover expenses.

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