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Silver Beaver
Silver Beaver Award The Silver Beaver Award is presented by the Council for distinguished service to young people and is among the most prestigious of all awards. This is a National Award handed out by the Council to those who've done work in the unit, district or Council level.  Read More
MAC Scholarship Program
The Boy Scouts of America, Mid-America Council offers scholarship opportunities for Scouts. Scholarships include:
  • "Robert Mueller Memorial" Eagle Scout Scholarships - Available in Mid-February! 
  • Gardner Foundation Camp Scholarship
  • NBZ Scholarship
  • Rev. John P. Schlegel Creighton Eagle Scout Scholarship
  • Charles W. Sigerson, Jr. Eagle Scout Scholarship
The application process runs through June 28.

2019 All Scholarships Application.pdf

For the Summer Camp Staff Higher Education Scholarship, download the form today!

District Award of Merit
District Award of MeritThe Award of Merit is a council award presented by districts, available to any registered Scouter on the district level. Nominees must have provided noteworthy service to youth. Nominations are due one month prior to your district's dinner. Nomination Form | Downloadable Application
Pahuk Pride "Spirit of Scouting" Memorial Scholarship
 The Boy Scouts of America, Mid-America Council is honored to offer this scholarship opportunity to four Scouts who have registered for National Youth Leadership Training and have been accepted. Scholarships are each valued at $225. We're presenting the scholarships in memory of Josh Fennen, Aaron Eilerts, Sam Thomsen, and Ben Petrzilka and also honoring the other Scouts who demonstrated the ultimate leadership skills at Pahuk Pride in 2008. Registration deadline is March 16, 2018.

Veteran Award
The Veteran Award is an adult recognition. However, tenure earned as a youth may be included in the total number of years registered. After 5 years of registered service in the Boy Scouts of America, an adult may, upon application, receive the designation of "Veteran," provided the person agrees to live up to the Scouting obligations: to keep local Scouting authorities in the community in which residing informed as to availability for service; and further, to be active in the promotion of the cause of Scouting as circumstances and conditions permit. Award Application 
The SCOUTStrong Presidential Active Lifestyle Award Challenge will help you add activity to your life, and reward you when you do! Read More
Nebraska Sons of the America Revolution Society Scholarship

Boy Scouts who complete their requirements for Eagle Scout are eligible to participate in the program until they reach the age of 19 in the calendar year of the application, and can apply more than one year. There is no college entrance or age requirement . All applications must be received by the Nebraska Eagle Scout Chairman by December 1 of each year. Nebraska Eagle Scouts should contact the National SAR Website and download the application forms. Within the packet is the Scholarship application forms. The Scout is encouraged to complete the three merit badges listed which are related to the Scholarship Application. The State winner will receive an Eagle Trophy and a $500 cash award. Each State winner will compete for the $8,000 National SAR Eagle Scout Scholarship cash award and a second runner up receives $4000 and the third runner up $2,000. Certificates may be presented at the Eagle Court of Honor by Members upon notification two weeks in advance. The NESSAR also awards Eagle Scout Certificates at an Eagle Scout Court of Honor when requested.

Lifesaving and Meritorious Action Awards
Medal of MeritAwards for lifesaving and meritorious action are made only for outstanding and unusual acts that demonstrate unusual heroism, skill, or bravery and reflect Scouting ideals. Award Nomination form  | Read More
Unit Marketing Award of Excellence

Does your unit have a story that has received local media attention? We want you to share it with us. We also want to encourage you to seek media coverage for the good things your unit does.

The Unit Marketing Award of Excellence is for packs, troops, teams, crews, posts and ships. The award is designed to encourage units to share the news of what they are doing in their communities with local media, like newspaper, radio, TV, school newsletters, church bulletins and more!

All units will receive a certificate and all members of the unit will receive a patch! If your unit submits more than one application, you will receive more certificates, but only new members will receive the patch (this is after your unit has already received the patch once).

The BSA Ready & Prepared Award
BSA Ready and PreparedThe BSA Ready & Prepared Award was developed to encourage and reward Boy Scout troops, Varsity Scout teams, and Venturing crews that incorporate safe practices while enjoying challenging activities. Application form  | Read More
BSA Physical Fitness Award
BSA Physical Fitness AwardThe BSA Physical Fitness Award is a national program of emphasis designed to heighten fitness awareness and to help change the lifestyles of American youth and adults regarding exercise and a healthy diet to improve the quality of their lives. Award application  | Read More
Emergency Preparedness BSA Award
Emergency Preparedness BSAIt is a challenge to be prepared for emergencies in our world of man-made and natural phenomena. The Emergency Preparedness BSA program is planned to inspire the desire and foster the skills to meet this challenge in our youth and adult members so that they can participate effectively in this crucial service to their families, communities, and nation. Award application  | Read More
Mid-America Council International Activity Patch
International Activity PatchThe International Activity Patch is awarded to registered Youth and Adult Leaders involved in heightening awareness and cultural exchange with Scouts from other countries. Award requirements and application 
Interpreter Strip
Spanish Interpreter StripAll Youth and adult members are eligible to earn the Interpreter Strip and may wear this strip if they show their knowledge of a foreign language or the sign language for the hearing impaired.  Read More
MacMurray Achievement Scholarship

Eagle Scouts Matter
Scholarships make college affordable again for Eagle Scouts.

MacMurray College recognizes that Eagle Scouts will greatly benefit the College as active and engaged leaders of the campus community. The College’s new scholarship program encourages Eagle Scouts to attend MacMurray by offering boosted aid to all Eagle Scouts.

Read More
Keep America Beautiful Inc. Hometown U.S.A. Award
The Hometown U.S.A. Award is a joint program between Keep America Beautiful Inc. (KAB) and the Boy Scouts of America. It is designed to give recognition to the outstanding efforts of Scouts in their communities in regard to citizenship and environmental improvement. Award application 
William T. Hornaday Awards
William T. Hornaday AwardThink of It as an Olympic Medal Bestowed by the Earth
Read More
The George Meany Award
George Meany AwardIn recognition of their contributions to America's future, the AFL-CIO Executive Council established the George Meany Award. It recognizes union members—men and women—who have made a significant contribution to the youth of their communities by volunteering in the programs of the BSA. The award is named for the AFL-CIO's first president, who gave strong support to Scouting over the years.
Nomination form  | Read more
Spirit of the Eagle Award
The untimely death of a promising, exemplary young person represents a tragic, sorrowful occurrence for any family and community. For that reason the Boy Scouts of America created the Spirit of the Eagle Award. This award is an honorary, posthumous recognition for a registered BSA youth member who has lost his or her life in an accident or through illness. Nomination form  | Read More
Founder's Bar Recognition
In celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America, the New-Unit Task Force announces the new Founder's Bar recognition. This recognition will emphasize the importance and pride of forming a new Scout unit.
Founder's Bar Recognition 
Congressional Award Program Partners with BSA
Boy Scouts of America is an official partner with the Congressional Awards programs, meaning that anyone registered with BSA, ages 14-20, can use Scouting activities for their Congressional Award recognition. In fact, many youth are already accomplishing the minimums required for the Congressional Award. The only thing needed is preparing goals in advance and keeping track of the time you spend! For more information, log on to www.congressionalaward.org.
Religious Emblems
To encourage members to grow stronger in their faith, religious groups have developed religious emblems programs.
Duty to God Packet
Scouter's Resume
Here is an example of a Scouter’s resume to use to keep track of your accomplishments in Scouting. This form is just a recommendation, and not a requirement. When people are nominating you for awards in Scouting, like the Award of Merit and Silver Beaver Award, this form can help the nominator accurately relay your accomplishment.
Download the form.
New Award and Recognition Replacement Site Created
A new website has been created to order new and replacement Eagle Scout credentials along with replacement award items for the George Meany Award, Vale la Pena Award, Lifesaving or Meritorious Action Award, and Wood Badge wallet card. Visit www.awardreplacements.kintera.org/bsa for more information about replacing an award. Also, effective immediately, the fee for expedited shipping has been increased from $25 to $40. If you have any questions, please contact Rhonda DeVaney at 972-580-2441, or rhonda.devaney@scouting.org.

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