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Relationships. We hear a lot about relationships lately, personal relationships, corporate relationships, relationships between groups. Some of us are working to reinvigorate the Council's Relationships Committee. For those of us in Scouting, Relationships Committees are about the relationships of Charter Partners and the units that they charter. Charter Partners can be civic groups, religious organizations, or just about any other group that is willing to promote the ideals of the Boy Scout of America and use the program provided through BSA.

At this point, we see the mission of our committee as strengthening the relationships with both our (the Mid-America Council's) current Charter Partners, and develop new relationships within the community for future partnerships. To achieve this goal we are in the process of contacting existing Charter Organization Representatives (COR), the representative of the Charter Partner to the Scouting unit, with a view of training the CORs as to their job and responsibilities and engaging them more actively in additional, future partnerships.

Russ Kock, Chair

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