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Revisions to Scouting Our Story, a history of the Mid-America Council
In 2010, the Centennial Year of the Boy Scouts of America, the Mid-America Council published a book documenting the history of how our local council came to be what it is today. Since being printed, some corrections and additions have come to our attention. If and when the council prints a second edition, we plan on including the following information.

Mike Saxby, 1970
Walt Starkey, 1970
Randy Woltman, 1970
Mike Wilson, 1970
Jim Himmelberg, 1973
Robert Karles, 1973
Walter A. Nurton, 1974
William E. Conley, 1976
Marcus Shipman, 1983
Michael McKinley, 1989
Tom Penka, 1989
Jim Leary, 1989
Justin Atwater-Taylor, 2001
Matthew Scott Nurton, 2001
Brian C. Schneider, 2001
Matthew Fowler, 2002
R. Daniel Smith, 2002
Benjamin Pierce (year unknown at this point)

Eugene A. Covie should be Eugene A. Govig, 1974
Rodney G. Poliyke should be Rodney G. Polivka, 1974

Author on page 16 should be Jacob A. Swisher
Page 54, under the heading, "Troop 435 Dedicates Eastman" should read 1998, not 2005. Also, Bob Eastman drowned in 1997.
Page 69, second photo caption,  Bill Poots' title should read, "Council Activities Chair," not "Scout Executive"
Page 74,  Larry Chandler's title should read, "Council Treasurer" not "Camping Chair"
Page 211, Sen. Ben Nelson received Distinguished Eagle Scout in 1994 and Dr. Jay C. Graves received Distinguished Eagle Scout in 1999

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