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Council Training Committee Contacts

Need to know more about training? Find out who to contact in the Council's Training Committee.

Position/District Name Email
Council Training Chair Sheryl Oakman Sheryl Oakman
District Coordinator Mike Scharfbillig Mike Scharfbillig
Boy Scout Training Chair VACANT
Cub Scout Training Chair VACANT
Council YPT Chair Scott Olander Scott Olander
Venturing David Knights David Knights
University of Scouting Chair Dave Workman Dave Workman
Wood Badge Coordinator Jerry Smolinski Jerry Smolinski
NYLT Course Director Jeff Baldwin Jeff Baldwin
Train-A-Ganza Chair Ricky Holbert Ricky Holbert
Soaring Eagle Charles Argo Charles Argo
Ohwahnassee Sherry Frazier Sherry Frazier
Twin Lakes Robert Nelton Robert Nelton
Thundercloud Curt Reis Curt Reis
Trailblazer Nate Watson Nate Watson
Wagon Wheel Mike Sharfbillig Mark Scharfbillig
Lewis & Clark Jane O'Connor Jane O'Connor
War Eagle Deb Reinard Deb Reinard
Petah La Shauro Sandi Seckel Sandi Seckel
Diamond Dick VACANT  
Goldenrod VACANT  

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