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MAC Scholarship Program

The Boy Scouts of America, Mid-America Council offers scholarship opportunities for Scouts.

The "Robert Mueller Memorial" Eagle Scout Scholarship was established in 2004, in memory of Robert Mueller, an 18-year-old Eagle Scout. Through the efforts of close friends of the family, a permanent scholarship has been established in Robert's memory. The scholarship will be awarded to a Scout that similar to Robert, truly found his place in the Scouting program.

2013 Winners   2014 Winner   2015 Winner
Matt Ostdiek
Austin Sudtelgte
  Luke Johnson   Addison Krebs

The Gardner Foundation Camp Scholarship was established in 2003 when the Gardner Foundation from Wakefield, Nebraska made a donation to the Mid-America Council's endowment fund for scholarships. Each year, the council awards two scholarships based upon job performance at camp.

2014 Winners   2015 Winners
Grady Wiedeman
Calvin Casey
  Nicholas Andersen
Natalie Andersen

The Rev. John P. Schlegel Creighton Eagle Scout Scholarship honors one of Omaha's most beloved citizens, Reverend John P. Schlegel, S.J., past President of Creighton University and Distinguished Eagle Scout. This scholarship will be awarded to an Eagle Scout enrolled in Creighton University.

2014 Winner   2015 Winner
Andrew Prystai   AJ Olnes

Charles W. Sigerson, Jr. Eagle Scout Scholarship is available to an Eagle Scout currently registered in a unit and is attending an institute of higher learning.

2014 Winner   2015 Winner
Aaron Van Beek   Aaron Van Beek

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