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Every Scout and Scouting Unit Deserves a Trained Commissioner

Most Scouters that desire to become a Commissioner might think they know everything needed to fill the position. After all, by the time you take on this role in your Scouting Career, you "Have Been There and Done That" through service in a Pack, Troop, Crew, Ship, or Post, and perhaps even a District committee position. Still throughout your Scouting career, I bet you took the training for the new volunteer role you stepped into.

Being a Commissioner is no different. You already know that getting trained makes your job in the new position so much easier to do and improves the program overall for the Scouts. And giving our youth a great program is what they want and deserve, and the best way to improve unit health and build membership.

Get Trained, Make Your Job Easier, Deliver a Great Program and Build Up the Scouting program for our youth.

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