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Silver Beaver

Silver Beaver Award2013 Silver Beaver Awardees

Dennis Bender, Lewis & Clark
James Benes, Lewis & Clark
Melvin Clark, Lewis & Clark
Robert Dalrymple, Council
Thomas Gensichen, Lewis & Clark
Warren Johnson, Soaring Eagle
Kathy Joiner, Soaring Eagle
Suzette Juel, Trailblazer
Michael Livergood, Wagon Wheel
John Matteson, Petah La Shauro
Deb Reinard, War Eagle
Daniel Rock, Lewis & Clark
Kristina Ronfeldt, Soaring Eagle
W. David Scott, Lewis & Clark
Clarence Sholly, Thundercloud
Christine Sjoberg, Wagon Wheel
Justin Wyatt, Trailblazer
William Young, Trailblazer

The Award
The Silver Beaver Award is presented by the National Council, Boy Scouts of America, through the local council to adult volunteer Scouters for their distinguished service to youth and their community. The award is made for noteworthy service of exceptional character to youth by registered Cub Scouters, Scouters, Varsity Scouters and Venturing Leaders within territory under the jurisdiction of a local council. It is considered to be the highest award a Boy Scout council can bestow upon a volunteer Scouter. Past Recipients

Any registered adult Scouter (21 or older) who has a record of quality service to Scouting, his or her community and non-Scouting youth, is eligible for nomination. Download examples of Scouting service positions. Nominations will not be considered for former professional Scouters or council employees within 5 years of their leaving employment with the BSA (this means any form of full-time or part-time employment as secretary, ranger or professional-technical position). Nominations cannot be considered for posthumous awards.

Nominations may be initiated by adults who have either served with the nominee or who are otherwise personally familiar with the nominee's service record. The nomination must be submitted on the Silver Beaver Award Nomination Form. Out of date forms will not be accepted for evaluation. All sections of all pages should include as much information as possible for best consideration of the nominee. New nomination forms must be submitted each year. Nomination forms will not be carried over from the previous year. Nominations will be on a "blind" basis. The top portion of this form will be removed during the evaluation.

Nomination Instructions | Nomination Form 

    1. The deadline for 2014 Silver Beaver nominations is September 15, 2014.
    2. Click here to email the form (preferred)
    3. Mail to the Durham Scout Center, 12401 W. Maple Road, Omaha, NE 68164
    4. Fax to 402.431.0444
  1. Give the full name and titles (if any) of the nominee exactly as you want them to appear on the certificate.
  2. Furnish as much information as possible for each section.
  3. Long-established policy limits the award of the Silver Beaver to adults 21 and older who are registered with the Boy Scouts of America as volunteer Scouters.
  4. Explorer leaders are eligible to be awarded the William H. Spurgeon III Award.
  5. Nominations will not be considered for current or former professional Scouters within five (5) years of their leaving employment with the BSA.
  6. Other council employees (part time or full time) are eligible to receive the Silver Beaver Award based on their volunteer service, not employed service.
  7. Nominations cannot be considered for posthumous awards.

Thank You Lens Art Photography
The Mid-America Council would like to thank Warren Johnson and Lens Art Photography for their generosity in photographing, printing and framing of our 2012 Silver Beaver Class, for the Council Awards Reception on 1/19/13. Visit them online at www.lensart-omaha.com.

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