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New Ideal Year of Scouting Planning Guide Available Now

The Journey to Excellence begins with your Ideal Year of Scouting (IYOS). If a unit follows the six steps of the IYOS, they'll have better participation, at less cost to families, and therefore keep their Scouts in the program! New Journey to Excellence program forms are available at www.mac-bsa.org/JourneytoExcellence.

This program offers units a guide to what makes a strong program, and allows them to track their success. Plan, Fund, Grow, Train, Recharter and Assess are the six steps of IYOS. The Ideal Year of Scouting Planning Guide will walk you through the steps to ensure your Scouts stay in Scouting and your unit grows each year. Download this guide now at www.mac-bsa.org/JourneytoExcellence! The Council printed a loose-leaf version to be inserted into a binder. Some copies of this will be available at Roundtable. Sign up for our E-newsletter to get updates to the guide and notification when next year's guide is available. Visit www.mac-bsa.org and scroll to the bottom, enter your email and click "Go" to receive the Council E-newsletter with Guide updates.

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