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Boys' Life benefits all boys

Boys' LifeCongratulations to all units who are 100% Boys' Life after spring sign ups! Keep on the Journey to Excellence path with fall registrations. Each youth that registers in your pack or troop should automatically receive this magazine. Have you read an issue of Boys' Life lately?

Boys' Life has subscriptions for Cub Scouts and for Boy Scouts. Each level introduces a good mix of age-appropriate, current and exciting stories important to boys today from around the world to right here in the Mid-America Council. The May 2012 issue featured our own Eagle Scout Jacob Terneus and Troop 319 from the Lewis & Clark District, trekking with them along the Ozark Trail on a 5-day "bikepacking" trip.

Statistics show subscribers advance in rank more than twice as fast as non-subscribers. Boys' Life goes into the home and is read by parents and brothers and sisters who become more supportive of Scouting. Scouts who subscribe to Boys' Life stay in Scouting twice as long. Boys' Life is the silent assistant, helping Scouting leaders and parents help Scouts to succeed. Start your Cub Scouts reading Boys' Life early and help them develop a love of reading for life.

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