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Seven Scotus seniors earn Eagle Scout honor
Photo courtesy of Goc's Photography.

By Julie Blum, Excerprts Courtesy Columbus Telegram Online

COLUMBUS — Only a small percentage of Boy Scouts achieve an Eagle Scout rank. But seven local Scouts will be awarded the honor next month. What makes the occasion unique for the group is that they all are from Troop 115 and all are seniors at Scotus Central Catholic.

"Just getting to be an Eagle Scout is awesome, but doing it with six other guys makes it more meaningful," said Scout Mike Albin. He, along with twin brothers Andy and Ben Heusinkvelt, Trenton Kuta, Adam Moore, Brad Steiner and Mark Ternus, will all officially receive their Eagle Scout rank at a ceremony on May 4. The group is led by Charlie Bahr, who has been in Scouting for 28 years. He has never had as many of his members earn the Eagle ranking at one time.

There are requirements a Scout must achieve to attain an Eagle Scout rank, including organizing and completing a community project. The projects these Scouts did varied from Kuta's work of tearing down a garage to make room for Scouts bus parking, to landscaping work in Pawnee Park, which is what Steiner completed. The boys said they leaned on each other for motivation to earn their individual Eagle rankings. Some of them continued on the path to that rank because they were trying to achieve what other members of their family had done.

"My dad was an Eagle Scout, so it was a goal of mine because of that," Moore said.

Most of the troop members completed their community projects during the summer before their junior or senior years in high school. Ternus got a jump-start on his and completed it when he was a freshman. His project was putting up two memorial benches in Pawnee Park.

Scouts have to come up with their own project ideas, raise necessary funding and organize schedules. It is usually a several-months-long process and can take anywhere from 25 to 100 hours to complete.

"One thing you have to learn is responsibility and accountability. It's not like school. You don't get grades or have due dates. It's really easy to procrastinate," Ternus said. Most of the Scouts have been involved in the organization since they were in first grade and started as Cub Scouts. They created a sense of unity being together all those years and bonded more as they each sought out the highest Scout rank.

"We've always had our eyes set on that goal," Albin said. After all the years and hard work put into making that goal come true, the benefits make it well worth it.

"The payout will serve me well in my future. You are an Eagle Scout for life," Albin said.

Congratulations to Mike and Andy Albin, Ben Heusinkvelt, Trenton Kuta, Adam Moore, Brad Steiner and Mark Ternus!

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