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May 2013 Roundtable Newsletter

So yesterday it was 83 degrees, today the high is 72, and then we are going to get up to 8 inches of snow tomorrow, is it spring or fall? For scouts it does not matter, they are prepared for it all! So bring it on and we will make the most of it!!

No matter what the weather is doing we are headed to summer, school is just about out, graduations are around the corner, and hopefully all of our youth are signed up for at least one summer camp. Many roundtables take a break for the summer and will not be meeting again until Program Kickoff in August. While I encourage Roundtables to meet during the summer, I understand the logistics of continuing for the summer. Do try to keep in touch with the attendees, via email or mailers. While you are at camp, doing summer activities, and preparing for the coming scout year reach out to units and individuals that do not normally attend Roundtable and see if you can find out why they do not attend and invite them to give it a try. Then plan the best Roundtables ever for the 2013-2014 Scout year! Having your district and unit scouters complete the SurveyMonkey survey or another survey that you hand out is a great start to finding out what they want and need so you can plan your year accordingly. Please use whatever tool you are comfortable with to find out what scouters want and need, having them tell you is so much better than guessing!

Please let me know if you are not able to open the newsletter or if you did not get a copy of the sample surveys and would like them; they were sent to the Roundtable Commissioners, DEs, and District Commissioners. Please take a few minutes to complete the SurveyMonkey Survey at: www.surveymonkey.com/s/JY82DBQ

The next Newsletter will not be published until just before Program Kickoff in August, however, if anything interesting comes a long I will send out short notes with updates. If you have any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions you would like to pass on please send them to me.

Have a GREAT summer; I hope to see you at camp!

Cathy Talmadge
MAC-ACC Roundtable

May Roundtable Newsletter 

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