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The Philmont STEM Trek Fund

The beauty and spirit of Philmont needs no introduction. But Philmont and the BSA, with the help of the BSA foundation, have committed to creating and offering new STEM learning opportunities to be woven into the usual "Philmont experience."

In 2013, Philmont is proud to offer a series of new pilot programs, designed to incorporate numerous scientific disciplines into its treks, programs, and camps. The new STEM training will be part of Philmont's Backcountry Environmental Education Program, led by subject matter experts. Total cost for the new program in 2013 is estimated to be $30,000.

Elements of the new STEM Trek program include:

  • Two new staff members, with grad/post-grad education and experience in Stem-related degree programs.
  • New seven-day and 10-day treks that include special training in astronomy, navigation, conservation, mining, geology, and ecological restoration.
  • Trek Scholarships, a critical part of attracting youth participants to a new program.
  • New, dedicated computers, chemistry, equipment, telescopes, and supplies for environmental analysis.

The results of the 2013 Philmont STEM Trek pilot program will be closely evaluated by Philmont management and the BSA;s National STEM Committee. These outcomes will play a critical role in helping us incorporate STEM education into every aspect of our National High Adventure Program. Scouts can no longer "be prepared" for their future without a greater education in, and appreciation for, STEM. What better place to start than Philmont.

For more information, please contact stacy.huff@scouting.org at the Foundation.

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