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Amanda Barrett
Trailblazer Program Lead
(402) 514-3042
Amanda grew up in California in the Monterey Bay area, and the Desert Palm Desert area. She enjoys the outdoors, hiking, climbing, riding bike, playing games….  She was a Girl Scout for a couple of years; only because she knew there would be camping.  Her favorite memories are paper bag breakfast and hefty bag rain coats.  As an adult Amanda served as a leader of a Girl Scout troop as well as participated in 4H with her youngest daughter.  She was introduced to Venturing when her daughter finished 8th grade. In that time she participating in a winter campouts with quinzee’s, polar domes and sleds to haul our gear out to our site, volunteered with Cub Resident Summer Camp at LSSR and actively participate in many Scouting activities.  We are excited about the enthusiasm Amanda will bring to both Trailblazer and Little Sioux Scout Ranch.

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