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We're changing things up!

Camp Masters For the 2012 popcorn campaign you'll start to see a lot of NEW things! Maybe some new product, some new prizes, new packaging, new training even! Why??

We're so excited to announce we have a new popcorn program: Camp Masters. With Camp Masters we will see some great prizes including toys AND gift cards as prizes, popcorn TINS for packaging - including some of our favorite sports teams and more.

A letter from our Chairman
To our valued Scouts, Volunteers & Council Members -

Our 2012 is going to be a monumental year for our Popcorn Campaign - this year we will be campaigning Camp Masters Popcorn. That being said I would like to express my excitement that this new Brand (Camp Masters) will bring to our Scouts, Volunteers and Council Members. We will be offering a completely different variety of quality Product, Product Presentation (which includes some Tins) and Taste to this year's campaign. This new Brand will enable our Scouts to offer a product that encompasses all varieties of consumers reaching the indulgent popcorn lovers' to the sports enthusiast. Popcorn options from Cheese to Chocolate, and maybe some other surprise flavors equates to prizes, camping funds and sales incentives to reward our high sales performance Scouts - tied with an exciting NEW Brand to create momentum for our Popcorn Campaign! Our goal for our Scouts is simple: Enthusiasm, Quality Product and Growth will bring success. Start talking about it! More information to come soon!

Best regards,
Chad Ford, Popcorn Chair.

The Process
In October 2011 the Mid-America Council Board of Trustees approved our campaign going to bid. Which meant our committee was able to learn more about other Boy Scout popcorn vendors and the programs they offer Scouts. The idea was to make sure we are providing our Scouts the BEST program available today. A request for proposal (RFP) was sent out to four different companies, and we ended with two finalists.

Each finalist had the opportunity to present to our committee. The committee then met two more times to discuss each vendor. The committee focused on four overall criteria: the excitement of product, flexibility in product packaging, an exciting prize program that motivated Scouts instead of just receiving an incentive, and a training program for all levels of the campaign.

Our volunteer committee came to a consensus and recommended to the Board of Trustees that we use Camp Masters program. The Board of Trustees approved.

Want to learn more?
If you are just as excited as we are, and want to know more check out our website. Have questions you can't find the answer to? Feel free to e-mail us at popcorn@mac-bsa.org!

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