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Mile Swim BSA

Mile Swim BSA Requirements

  1. Explain how regular exercise contributes to good health and why swimming is one of the best forms of exercise.
  2. Tell what precautions and procedures a swimmer and escort must follow for distance swimming over open water.
  3. Under the supervision of a currently qualified certified aquatics instructor, BSA or equivalent, participate in 4 hours of training and preparation for distance swimming (1 hour a day maximum).
  4. Swim 1 mile over a measured course that has been approved by the trained instructor who will supervise the swim.

This patch is not worn on the uniform. It is an aquatic insignia and can be worn on swim trunks.

Contact the Durham Scout Center for more information at 402.431.9BSA (9272). Please contact the Mid-America Council Aquatics Committee before conducting training for this award.

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