Packs – order your membership supplies here and be sure to check out the Pack Resources page for more helpful tools and information!


Membership Enrollment

The Mid-America Council is excited to announce a new way for families to pay for Scouting! In addition to the traditional payment model, in which families pay for an entire year of Scouting up-front at charter renewal, the council is now offering a monthly subscription model.  Click the links below to find out more.

BSA Fee Chart
Online Registration for New Scouts – Click here to get signed up for Scouting. Up-front payment and monthly subscription options available.
Membership Information and Payment Form for New Scouts– Hard copy to provide details and collect payment when turning in a paper application
Subscription Information – Parent FAQ – Updated 3/29/2021
Subscription Information – Unit Leader FAQ – Updated 3/29/2021
Subscription Enrollment for Current Scouts – Click here to get a current Scout signed up for the 2022 Membership Subscription plan.
New Scout Financial Assistance Form 
Existing Scout Financial Assistance Form

Healthy Blue Fee Coverage – Nebraska Residents Only
The benefit for Boy Scouts is $40, which includes a subscription to Boy’s Life Magazine if you choose.

The benefit is for Healthy Blue members between the ages of 5-18. It is an annual benefit used once a year for either for a Scout membership OR a 4-H membership.

To receive the gift card towards the cost of membership, members need to create a User ID and Password (per member) online at Once you have logged in, you can access the Scout benefit in the “additional benefits” section. Eligible members will show either redeem or request as an option, ineligible members will show learn more.

For questions, please contact:
1. Member service number on the back of ID cards
2. Melinda (Mindy) Spray / Community Relations Specialist II at 402-750-0458 or
3. Call the welcome centers on the brochure above and speak to Tina

Your Unit’s Online Presence

In today’s society, prospective parents are searching online for the right program for their child.  Be sure you have  accurate, up-to-date and relevant info out there!

Your Unit’s New Member Coordinator

It is important to identify a dedicated person to spearhead your recruitment campaign.  This person focuses on inviting new members to join and engaging their families so that they feel welcomed and want to stay! New Member Coordinator Resources.

Your Unit’s Recruitment Efforts

Keep in mind it will take numerous touchpoints before prospective families will truly hear your message!  Simply passing out flyers is not enough!  Look for a variety of ways you can potentially reach your target audience! 101 Ways to Promote your Unit *

  • More specific resources can be found under the Pack, Troop or Crew Page. Links found in the menu to the right
  • Utilize the BSA Brand Center for resources to customize for your Unit – What’s the Brand Center Video
  • Work with your District Membership Chair or District Executive to get the resources you need
  • Membership Supply Order Form
  • Be sure to capture contact information at EVERY possible opportunity to assist in follow up with interested families – Adult Participation Form
  • Have plenty of youth applications as well as adult applications on hand. Be leary of emailing a completed adult application as it contains sensitive information such as driver’s license and social security number.  Instead utilize the Scouter Services drop box outside the Durham Scout Shop or coordinate application turn in with your District Executive.

 Your Unit’s Ideal Year of Scouting

It’s important to let families know you have an exciting year of programming planned for the upcoming year.  Providing meeting dates/times/locations and any special activities for the entire year shows potential parents your unit is well organized and illustrates the value of your program! Click here for the IYOS Calendar/Budget Template.

  • During COVID-19 it is important to create a Plan B Virtual Program as well. Be sure to meet outdoors if possible following these guidelines and utilize our Scouting at Home resources
  • One of the main questions prospective parents will ask is how much does it cost? Be sure you have a well thought out plan to fund your program through the Popcorn Fundraiser and fee structure.
    • Creating a tiered Popcorn Goal can illustrate to families how their fees could be covered through their participation in the fundraiser
    • Highlight that no Scout will be turned away for an inability to pay and direct families in need of assistance to
    • Offer a monthly payment plan to help ease the burden of up-front costs for families – Subscription Model
  • Let parents know how they can purchase a program book and uniform for their Scout – Fall Scout Shop Flyer