Mid-America Council is excited to offer a new program for our Packs called Den Leader in a Box! Who has had a hard time coming up with volunteers to be Den Leaders? What about being a Den Leader and struggling with finding the time to put all your supplies together? This program is here to help! Each rank will have twice-monthly* boxes mailed out to Den Leaders with all the supplies needed for that requirement or elective. There will be a total of 14 boxes for each rank between September and April of the program year. Click here for a tentative schedule of boxes for each rank. You can sign up now for this program at the link below or if you are interested but would like more information, please reach out at mac@scouting.org.


$50/a box with supplies for 8 Scouts
$25/extra box with supplies for 4 Scouts (You can add on as many as needed)

Sign Up Here

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect in a box?
Pretty much everything you need to complete your requirement or elective! There will be meeting agendas, adventure instruction packets, brain break activities, supplies need for activities, etc.

What if I’m not in Omaha, can I still participate?
Yes! We will mail boxes out to those who subscribe so as long as you can receive mail you can participate!

Can I ship to more than one address?
Yes! Units can ship to multiple addresses if they have multiple dens participating, however, Den Leader Boxes cannot be split up and mailed out separately.

What if I decide I’m no longer interested in the boxes?
You can unsubscribe from Den Leader in a Box with a 30-day notice.

I think I’m interested but I’m not sure..
That’s okay! Please reach out to MAC@scouting.org with any questions and our staff will connect with you to answer all questions you have!

If we participate, what changes at my unit?
More time for all the fun things! But in all seriousness – nothing! This is just one more resources for your unit to have to help run your pack.

Can I join after September?
Sure can! You will join in on the schedule as outlined above. If you want to catch up with any missed boxes, please reach out to staff at MAC@scouting.org and we will work with you.