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The Mid-America Council is thrilled to present the new Den in a Box products! This program is a new tool for busy or new Cub Scout Leaders to utilize for their adventures. These boxes serve ranks from Lions all the way to Arrow of Light with individual packages for 5 required adventures. Packed with supplies to serve 6 scouts, Den in a Box will help you save time and money while ensuring your cubs have a scout-tastic time!

To check availability and to reserve your box please click here.

Leaders must reserve the box at least two weeks in advance. They will also choose their start date for the one-week rental period at check-out. Boxes may be physically picked up and returned at the Durham Scout Center or the Sioux City Scout Center. If these locations do not work, leaders can contact their District Executive concerning box delivery. Boxes may be shipped back to the Durham Scout Center at the Pack’s own expense.

Cost – Kit Includes Materials for 6 Scouts

Lions: $15
Tigers: $25
Wolves: $25
Bears: $30
Webelos: $30
AOL: $30
*$3 charge per Scout for additional supplies needed*
Payment for boxes is due when you place your order. An email will be sent with two payment options. You may pay by utilizing your balance on UDA or by following a link for a credit card payment.

Any additional questions about the program may be sent to the Cub Program Coordinator at