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Recharter PowerPoint from RT

2020 Key Recharter Due Dates

Oct. 1/6 – Pick up your Recharter Packet at Roundtable
Oct. 12 – Load Roster (Stage 1)
Oct. 19 – Update Roster (Stage 2)
Oct. 26 – Check Roster (Stage 3)
Oct. 30 – Summary (Stage 4)
Nov. 3/5 – Submit (Stage 5)

2021 Charter To Do List
Youth Protection Training Infographic

Key Resources for Charter

UDA Change Form
Adult Position Codes
Charter Agreement

Criminal Background Check Resources

Since 2003, background checks have been conducted on every new adult when they apply to register, and in 2008 a background check was conducted on all currently registered adults. The BSA will implement periodic criminal background checks on a five-year basis.

In preparation for this, the required disclosures and authorization documents are being updated to ensure compliance with current local, state, and federal laws.

Criminal Background Check FAQ
Registration Fee FAQ
CBC 2021 Disclosure Form
Background Check Disclosure Form

Membership Subscription Resources

Membership Subscription FAQ – Leaders
Membership Subscription – Payment Sheet
BSA Fee Chart
Unit BSA Fee Chart – Editable

Troop Specific Resources

OA Info
NBZ Info 

Nebraska Unit Information

Wellcare Info

After Charter is Complete

Membership Cards
Charter Cerificate
Adding Member ID to My.Scouting