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Updated 30-Day Challenge for K-2nd Graders
Updated 30-Day Challenge for 3rd-4th Graders

Cub Scout Belt Loops

Please find the links for the Cub Scout Belt Loops for the Week of June 1 below. These classes run from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m.

Monday – Tigers – Tiger Theater
Tuesday – Wolves – Howling at the Moon
Wednesday – Bears – Super Science
Thursday – Webelos – Duty to God & You

Listed below are individual Cub Scout Adventures (by rank) that can be completed at home.

Lion – Kindergarten

Animal Kingdom – this adventure is all about community.
Build it Up, Knock it Down – this adventure is all about building.
Gizmos and Gadgets – this adventure is all about motion, force and creating objects.
I’ll Do It Myself – this adventure is all about being prepared.
Pick My Path – this adventure is all about doing a good turn daily.
Ready, Set, Grow – this adventure focuses on plants and gardens.

Tiger – First Grade

Backyard Jungle – this adventure is very hands-on with planting something and building birdhouses. This can be done as a solo family adventure.
My Family’s Duty to God – this is often an “at home” adventure anyway because faith beliefs in Scouting are determined by the family.
Tiger Bites – an adventure that covers food choices and preparation, manners and nutrition.
Curiosity, Intrigue, and Magical Mysteries – an adventure about magic, codes, sign language and more.
Family Stories – an adventure about family heritage.
Sky is the Limit – adventure all about the night sky, constellations, astronauts, etc.
Stories in Shapes – an adventure about art.
Tiger-Safe and Smart – an adventure all about home and neighborhood safety.
Tiger Tales – an adventure all about story-telling, tall tales, singing.

Wolf – Second Grade

Paws on the Path – an adventure covering hiking skills and nature and maps.
Adventures in the Coins – an adventure about coins.
Code of the Wolf – an adventure that uses math games and secret codes.
Digging in the Past – an adventure about dinosaurs, fossils and archeology.
Finding Your Way – an adventure about map and compass, hiking and scavenger hunt.
Germs Alive – an adventure about keeping clean and germs.
Grow Something – an adventure about planting and make a terrarium.
Motor Away – an adventure about cars, boats and paper airlines.
Paws of Skill – an adventure about fitness, sports, sporting event and obstacle courses.

Bear – Third Grade

BALOO the Builder – an adventure covering using tools and wood tools.
Bear Claws – an adventure all about knife use and knife safety.
Fellowship and Duty to God – this is often “at home” adventure anyway because faith beliefs in Scouting are determined by the family.
Paws for Action – an adventure that’s all about history/patriotism, visiting a law enforcement facility, basic emergency preparedness, energy conservation and a cleanup service project.
Bear Picnic Basket – an adventure about cooking.
Make It Move – an adventure about fun Engineering.
Roaring Laughter – an adventure about fun, jokes, stories and games.
Robotics – an adventure about robots.
Super Science – an adventure about fun science experiments.
A World of Sound – an adventure about World Music and Instruments

Webelos & Arrow of Light – Fourth & Fifth Grade

Duty to God and You – this is often an “at home” adventure anyway because faith beliefs in Scouting are determined by the family.
First Responder – an adventure, covering basic first aid and emergency preparedness.
Adventures in Science – an adventure about science.
Art Explosion – an Adventure about art.
Aware and Care – an adventure about disabilities awareness.
Build My Own Hero – an adventure about citizen heroes.
Engineer – an adventure about engineering
Fix It – an adventure about home repairs.
Game Design – an Adventure about games.
Looking Back, Looking Forward – an adventure about your own timeline.
Maestro – an adventure about music.
Moviemaking – an adventure about moviemaking.
Project Family – an Adventure about family life.

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