Team activities could vary from year to year or even from week to week of a summer session.  It is anticipated team activities would occur on Thursday afternoons during the open block from 3:45 PM until dinner time. The team activities would consist of up to four events. Teams would consist of groups of 3-4 Scouts and various categories of teams could be formed such as:

  • 3-4 team members from the same Troop or Unit
  • 3-4 team members from at least two different Troops or Units
  • 4 team members consisting of two Scouts that are 2nd Class rank and below and 2 that are 1st Class or above
  • A mixed gender team of 2 males and 2 females

The Scouts of the Wheelwright rank would have a role each year in determining the team activities to use each summer and they would participate in planning the activities before summer camp.

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