Camp cards is a program meant to help get more kids to go to camp – for FREE! The purpose is to alleviate financial stress from families and units so that more kids can go to camp and receive the unparalleled experiences that Scout camp is known for. Revenue from the camp card sales is directed back into the Mid-America Council camping programs.

Order Your Camp Cards HERE!
Important Resources:

2024 Camp Card Sale Leader’s Guide
2024 Camp Card Powerpoint
Scout Report Form for FREE camp
Camp Card Transfer Form 2024

Please see below for a DRAFT of each camp card: 

2024 Omaha Draft
2024 NENE Draft
2024 NWI Draft
2024 SWI Draft
2024 OH Draft

2024 Updates:

  • The price for 2024 Camp Cards will be $10 this year. We will keep our 50% Commission to units, meaning units will early more commission and earn free camp with fewer cards sold!
  • 2024 Camp Card Sales dates: March 5 to April 30, 2024.
  • Check out the Camp Card Leaders Guide for the full details of the program and free camp incentives.
  • When a Scout reaches the needed level for earning free camp, the unit can submit payment ($5 per card sold), extra cards if applicable or desired, and the Camp Card Scout Report. This needs to be completed at the Durham Scout Center, Sioux City Scout Shop, or through your District camp card team.
  • Units can submit payment for camp cards sold multiple times as needed or all together at the end. All unsold camp cards and funds must be returned by May round tables but can be done earlier as needed.


How can I order Camp Cards?
You can order your Camp Cards at the link here. Please remember that units are responsible for the Cards they check out and that there is a return fee.

How much does each card cost?
Each Camp Card is sold for $10.00 for 2024. Units will receive 50% commission on each card sold as well as free camp (as applicable)

When can I get the Camp Cards?
Camp Cards will be available for pick up at your March Roundtable meeting.

Where can I sell the Cards?
Camp Cards can be sold just like popcorn. Think of creative places to sell them!

  • Store Fronts: Grocery stores, hardware stores, or near vendors on the cards
  • Door-to-Door
  • Mom and Dad’s Work
  • School
  • Church
  • At your own sporting events

Please remember if you are setting up a store front or a table display, ask for permission from the establishment you are selling at beforehand. It’s always nice to leave a thank you note as well.

When can I sell Camp Cards?
The sale runs from March 5, 2024, to April 30, 2024.

How does the commission work?
The 2024 Camp Card commission is 50%.

How does my Scout get free camp?
A Scout must sell the appropriate number of cards to earn the camp program he/she would like to attend and MUST submit the Scout Report verifying sales total, unit information and incentive chosen for tracking purposes.

My Scout wants to sell, but no one else in our troop/pack does – what do I do?
Sign up your Scout under his pack or troop. Pick up the cards at the Scout office, and make sure to tell the rest of your unit how great they are selling, and maybe some more Scouts will want to sell too!

Can I use the free camp for myself?
No, camps are only allowed for the Scout that sold the cards – not redeemable for an Adult or sibling at camp. But how your unit spends the commission is up to them. They may decide to use commission funds to help the adult leaders with camp.

Do I have to pay for the cards upfront?
No. Payment will be due by May Roundtable. Units will make 50% commission on each card sold.

How much commission can I make?
Each unit will make 50% commission.

How do I get my commission?
No money is due upfront, so when you sell the cards, you will keep your commission of each card sold.

Can I save this free camp and use it next year?
No, camp scholarships (free camp) must be used this year.

What if I run out of cards?
Units can check out more cards! Bring in the money for the cards you have already sold, and we will issue you more cards if they are available. This can all be done at Scouter Services.

Who do I call if I have questions about camp cards?
You can call your District Executive or you can contact the council office at (402) 431-9272 or via e-mail.

Is there a return policy?
Returns of unsold cards must be returned at your May Roundtable with the following conditions:

  • A unit may return up to 25% of their order.
  • Additional returns over 25% will be charged a $0.25 per card restocking fee.
  • Returns after May Roundtable will not be accepted and the unit will be financially responsible.

The Mid-America Council reserves the right to refuse product that has been damaged or rendered unsellable.  The unit is responsible for any unreturned Camp Cards, be they lost, misplaced, damaged, or otherwise.  Be sure Scouts and parents treat each card as if it were a $10.00 bill!