2021 Popcorn Sale – Starting September 11

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Hard work is a value that Scouting teaches and selling popcorn is a great opportunity for Scouts to learn the importance of earning their own way. More than 70% of proceeds stay local and help pay for Scouting adventures like summer camp and beyond. Commit your unit to the 2021 sale by completing our registration form below.

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Every Scout should learn the value of hard work and earning their own way. The popcorn sale is the perfect opportunity to teach this valuable life lesson and fund the most exciting year of Scouting ever. More than 70% of the popcorn sale supports your programs and local Scouting! The Mid-America Council does all the pre-work to set up the sale, eliminating the need for your unit to research opportunities, calculate returns, create sales and promotional materials, manage a relationship with a vendor, etc.

Popcorn Replenishment Process

To order popcorn replenishments, orders need to be placed in the Trail’s End system by the dates below. The pick-up dates seen below are for the metro area and those utilizing the warehouse in Omaha. If your unit is in a rural area and not utilizing the Omaha warehouse, you will still want to get any replenishment orders in by the deadlines below. Replenishment orders for rural areas will be distributed at district roundtables unless otherwise noted.

Sign-Up for Replenishment Pick-up in Metro

If you are placing a replenishment order for popcorn and want to pick it up from the metro warehouse, please sign up using the link below. The popcorn warehouse is located at Ford Storage at 10364 S 136th Street, Omaha, NE.

Unit Popcorn Transfers

If your unit is transferring product to another unit, the unit that is giving away the product needs to initiate the transfer in the Trail’s End system. To conduct a transfer, check out this helpful video from Trail’s End. Fast-forward to 22 minutes and 30 seconds to get directly to the section regarding transfers from unit to unit:

Trail’s End System Training

Support Scouting

Trails End partners with the Boy Scouts of America each year in an effort to help Scouts raise money for Scouting and Scout programing. More than 70% of the money the Scouts raise while selling popcorn goes right back into the local Scouting community.

Learn more about Trail’s End and how you can support Scouting today.

Trail’s End

Trail’s End Webinars

these webinars are an awesome way to learn more about the Trail’s End app, the Trail’s End Leader Portal, and to get recommendations for how to sell in light of changing circumstances regarding safety with COVID-19 this year. These webinars are open to anyone, but we strongly encourage all unit kernels and district kernels to participate in one. To sign-up for a webinar, click here.

How to Sell Popcorn

There are three different ways to sell Popcorn as a unit.

  • Show N’ Sell is a direct sale that takes place outside of a local business, where Scouts interact directly with community members and encourage them to buy popcorn.
  • Take Order is an order and fulfillment process that takes place in your neighborhood, where Scouts go door-to-door and ask for popcorn orders that are fulfilled at a later date.
  • Online Sales are also available and can be used to raise funds for your unit no matter where the customer is located.

How To Use the Trail’s End App

Save time managing your popcorn sale with the Trail’s End app. This upgraded sale feature allows real-time reporting for storefront, door-to-door and online sales. Track inventory by Scout and have your customers pay easily with cash and credit card. Every Scout will also receive FREE payment processing powered by Square to make every sale easier and cost effective than ever.

Watch the training video and launch the training tutorial now.

Learn More

Check out our MAC Popcorn Facebook page and the Trail’s End Facebook Page

Direct links for kernels to sign-in to the popcorn system and for scouts to sign-in:
Leader Sign-In: https://www.trails-end.com/leader
Scout Sign-In: https://www.trails-end.com/scouts