Camp Cedars is proud to be an all-inclusive program! There are no additional fees to participate in ANY of our programs or activities!

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Merit Badge Prerequisites
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Rifle MB Prerequisite
Shotgun MB Prerequisite

Kit Fox Program: Kit Fox is for campers who have not yet completed the First Class rank. The program is designed to work on the core rank requirements for new Scouts. Scouts will be arranged into patrols to work together in a team atmosphere to make for a fun active environment. Kit Fox is only 2 blocks long. Scouts may choose additional programs in which to participate.
Kit Fox Program Details & Requirements

Program Waivers & FormsHow To Upload Waivers & Swim Check Forms Online
Aviation Consent Form
Aviation Flying Plan Checklist- (New- required for each unit with youth in Aviation MB)
ATV ASI RiderCourse Waiver 
ATV Online Training – Complete before arrival to camp
Cowboy Action Program Waiver
Equestrian Waiver
Swim Check Form